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  Fee Structure

Dr Harrington is a private consultant therefore all patients are billed at the same rate for consultations in the rooms.

Initial consultation: $155  (or new complaint) $110 aged pension

(half can be claimed at Medicare if you have a current referral from your GP)

Review consultation: $80 (within 12 months from last consultation)

(half can be claimed at Medicare if you have a current referral from your GP)

Patients are eligible for Medicare rebate with a current Australian Medicare card when referred by a General Practitioner or other doctor. Please ensure the referral is valid and addressed to Dr Chris Harrington. A current referral at the time of consultation will enable you to claim the highest available rebate.

For the convenience of those in the Hunter Valley, we also visit Cessnock on a fortnightly basis. Our rooms are located at 204 Wollombi Road.

All enquires and correspondence should be addressed to the Hamilton office. Please be aware that there may be a small wait for a Cessnock appointment as we only consult every second Friday afternoon.

Workers’ Compensation, Third Party or Dept Vet Affairs patients:

If you are seeing Dr Harrington for a workers compensation or third party injury, please ensure you bring all applicable information regarding your claim (name of insurance company and claim number, etc) as we bill the insurer directly.

If your claim has not been accepted at the date of consultation, you will be billed the Private Initial Consultation fee of $140, which can then be reimbursed by your insurer once the claim as been accepted.

All Veterans’ Affairs patients are required to bring their DVA card to each appointment.

Fees for surgery at a Public Hospital:

If you require surgery and are not in a private health fund, you will be placed on a waiting list at the Royal Newcastle Centre. The admissions staff will contact you with a date at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled operation. The current average wait for surgery is 12 months.  There are no out of pocket fees for operations performed at a public hospital.

For our patients in the Hunter Valley Dr Harrington also operates at Cessnock District Hospital for minor cases, ie, no joint replacements, etc.

Please note Dr Harrington is on the On Call Roster at the John Hunter Hospital however this is for trauma cases only. There are no routine lists for elective surgery.

 Fees for surgery at a Private Hospital:

If you are in a private health fund, the account for your operation will be sent directly to your fund using the MediGap system. Therefore there are no out of pocket expenses incurred.

Please be aware that we are not able to comment on fees for the Anaesthetist or any excess you may have with your health fund for hospital accommodation.

If you are not in a private health fund but still wish to have your surgery at a private hospital we can certainly provide a quote for Dr Harrington’s services. These fees will obviously vary depending on the type of procedure carried out. The quote will list the service item number used for the operation as well as the estimated fee. You will need to contact your chosen private hospital and the Anaesthetist to obtain their costs. 

Please note that you can claim a portion of Dr Harrington’s fees and the Anaesthetist fees at Medicare, however your health fund excess and the hospital fees will be entirely out of pocket.



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